Starter Set

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We've put together a set ideal for your first disc golf discs at an amazing price!

The set includes;

DX Innova Aviar - the putter used by more world champions than any other!

DX Innova Roc - Simply the best, most popular golf disc ever made!

Microfibre towel - keep your discs dry and clean for better grip when playing

MrFrisbee Mini - Use to mark where your frisbee lands in competitions

MrFrisbee drawstring bag to keep it all in!

Comes in assorted colours, please put your prefered colour in the order notes and we'll do our best to match it.

3 Weight catergories available

Light - perfect for children and those with slower arm speeds 140-160g

Medium - Good mix of easy to throw and good distance and control. 160-170g

Heavy - For stronger players, fast arm speeds, good in strong wind conditions. 170-180g


If you would like to also add a great starter driver to your set we strongly recommend a  Discmania FD  for backhand throwers or a Discmania FD3 for forehand players. Use the discount code "StarterSet" for £1 off your first driver.