Yeti Adventure to kastaplast event at royal berkshire

Yeti Adventure to kastaplast event at royal berkshire

Yeti adventure to Royal Berkshire Disc Golf Course and Kastaplast Event

In preparation to the Kastaplast K3, 2, 1, Glow event, hosted by Launch Disc Golf, a group of Yeti Members ventured up to practice the new course a week ahead of the competition at the Royal Berkshire Disc Golf Course.

This beautiful course is situated in the heart of the lake grounds at Dinton, and makes for beautiful back drops throughout your round! However, its situation did make the arrival interesting, due to flooding across the access road between 2 of the lakes! But that still made for good fun, driving through the huge puddle

Further flooding was very obvious once geared up and walking into the park. Unfortunately for our first trip there, the entire course was roughly 2inches in water throughout, but that didnt stop us, nor the locals! Meeting a local card on the round was great, as they advised us of alternative tee spots for when the weather really was, so bad!

The course consists of many shorter holes, with Mando's and other obstacles, making you really focus on your control and approach game. Quite different from some of the big open driving holes we get back in Bristol. More than a few touch and go moments, death putting with a pond directly behind the basket, and then risking the drive over the small lake to run the birdie (Claimed more than a few of our discs on the first go!)

Although flooding looks like it could be a common thing here, being situated on an old golf course drainage is obviously very good! Returning for the Saturday before the tournament (7/4/18), it seemed like a new course. Few puddles or mini lakes in site, and a real pleasure underfoot. Although better conditions, cant say this helped all of our scores on the card!

Onto the morning of the Kastaplast Launch Event! 26 keen players, gathering in good spirits waiting to get their hands on their new 'players pack'. Choices of, Over stable, understable or a surprise pack were available. Everyone was keen to get out and have a few drives!

We couldn't have asked for better conditions for the first round, the wind was calm, course dry and no rain! joys! This didnt last long unfortunately, with a very wet and soggy round lining up for after lunch. No players spirits were dampened , with cheers and shouts across the course, everyone seemed much more committed to beating their morning round, and committed to having fun regardless of the weather.

Due to weather conditons, very quick winners ceremony, including prizes for CTTP and Longest Drive (taken by myself) and a quick thanks to all for supporting Kastaplasts first event!!

All of us from the Bristol way, came back buzzing and eager to get our new discs out on our local courses! We all met some great people and had a really good weekend and highly recommend the course to anyone passing or up for a change. It really was a pleasure!

A couple of favorites from us, would include hole 3 with a short drive up to pond. To hard you risk sinking it in the pond and reverting to the drop zone to the side, to short and you deal with a long death putt with very little relief from OB. Another would be hole 13, with a low ceiling and tight corridor to get through, making the Mando for a clean shot from the fairway.

Personal favourite disc for me would be the K2 Kaxe. Bagged me the longest drive on hole one, and was my go to disc for 90% of the course. That will definitely be staying in my bag!

Big shout out to Dan Whiteman at Launch Disc Golf for putting on a fantastic first event for Kastaplast.

Written by

Luke Christie

Yeti Disc Golf


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